Online College Courses in Landscape Design: Class Overviews

Online College Courses in Landscape Design: Class Overviews


Online college courses in landscape design are available to professionals working in the field, as well as to students interested in entering the profession. These courses train students in outdoor landscape planning, design and contract work.

Essential Information
Online landscape design courses are commonly offered as part of certificate programs in landscape architecture and landscape design. These programs may be available entirely online or in a hybrid format that combines online and on-campus study. Graduates of these programs can work as independent landscape designers, contractors, managers or architects, or as members of a landscaping firm.


Online Landscape Design Courses
The course descriptions below describe the most common online courses in landscape design.

Landscape Design Fundamentals Course: The foundational concepts of landscape design planning including environmental assessment, common design terms, creating base maps, site inventories and analysis maps form the core of this course. Students examine the placement of plant materials in particular landscapes taking into consideration biodiversity, ecology, microclimatology and sustainability.
Use of Plant Materials in Urban Settings Course: A variety of plants may be creatively used in urban landscape settings. This course covers the use of perennials, trees, shrubs, vines, annuals and plants highlighted for special projects such as water gardens, rock gardens and xeriscapes. Plant identification and methods for using plants in diverse landscapes are emphasized.
Hardscape Design Course: This course prepares students to successfully design patios, fences, decks, walls and arbors. Course content includes the use of stone, bricks, mortar or wood for outdoor hardscape projects and how to choose optimal materials for unique environmental conditions and sustainability.
Emergence of Urban Spaces Course: This course examines the evolution of public and urban spaces as a point of reference for the contemporary landscape designer or architect. Course content includes influences of early Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome, Islamic architectural feats, medieval landscaping, urban development during the Italian Renaissance and the architecture East Asian gardens.
Computer Aided Drafting: Much like architects, landscape designers can use computer-aided drafting software to create digital landscape designs. This course teaches students how to use the software to make everything from presentations and marketing materials to plant and supply lists for bidding on projects. Advanced courses teach students how to make three-dimensional drawings.

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